About us

Auto Storiche Milano is a consolidated reality in the world of Car-Business and position among the industry leaders. It can count about 500 active collectors on the European territory. They say they are extremely satisfied with the services received, because our group was born with a conception of proposal management extremely different than the traditional modus operandi.

Indeed, Auto Storiche Milano has set, from the beginning, a great twofold objective that reveals the origin from the world of visual art of its founder: the first is to reconnect the public to the true values of collectors and to make them not subject to fluctuations purely economic-financial of the goods that they intend to alienate. The second is the rediscovery of the research of vintage cars that discarded at first, could coinciding of special factors, prove an excellent investment not only financial but also cultural.

We want to build and maintain a privileged relationship between the history and all those who have the courage to be seduced by it, because it is considered an extraordinary vehicle of culture for humanity.

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